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I help link people and companies to start the productive conversation.

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What is clodr?

Clodr is a conversation platform for the modern internet

Clodr helps organize structured thread-like conversation within modern light-weight interface.

Clodr for you

Clodr for personal use

Clodr provides hassle-free personal communication tool with

  • potential vendors or suppliers
  • friends and family.
Talk to friends

Via closed groups to discuss plans for the coming weekend or your birthday party.

Hide your personal information

When talking to companies with aggressive marketing and re-targeting approach.

Take notes

Take notes, invite users to discuss and share docs.

Receive and structure offers

Receive offers from companies, structure them and make a wise selection.

Clodr for teams

Clodr for Business

Organize structured conversation with customers, partners, dealers or external providers via threads.

Talk to clients

Via widget on a website, email or chat page.

Single entry point for customers

Let users view ways to contact your company and submit request to the target department.

Invite team members

To assign proper employee to conversation with client or partner.

Audit and Archive

View how your employees perform and archive completed threads.

Smart routing

To allocate proper employees to address your client request.


Define preliminary questions to better qualify incoming request.

Reporting and Analytics

View activity history, top performers and overall team performance.



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